Track People With GPS Tracking Technology


The day when we could have GPS tracking intrude on our daily lives is here. This technology is everywhere and in some of the devices that we carry around the most – such as cell phones.

Just a few years ago, many people would never have dreamed of this being the case, but today it truly is. The fears of “big brother” and other apocalyptic futures are real because we are at the stage right now where a government or a corporation could invade the privacy of a large portion of the population without so much as batting an eyelash.

But there is also a large amount of good that can be done with tracking devices. Here are just a few of them:

Track Convicted Criminals

Overcrowded jails are a huge problem for societies that oppress the poor, are racist, or have made certain drugs illegal. This overcrowding results in dangerous conditions for inmates and guards and actually leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of jails to rehabilitate inmates. This is bad news for society.

But it can be remedied with GPS tracking. Those felons who were convicted of lesser crimes could be sent home with a court order to wear a tracker. They would be allowed to get jobs and otherwise be productive members of society while at the same time serving their time for their crime. Rehabilitation would continue, prisons would become less crowded, and crime would decrease in the long term.

Monitor the Elderly

The over 60 population is beginning to mushroom as the baby-boomers enter the silver years. We all know that dementia is a huge problem that many families will have to face. GPS tracking devices can help families keep their loved ones safe while still living a relatively normal life while caring for them. If their father or mother wanders from the home, the tracking unit will notify them of the activity and the exact location of their parent. They will also have the exact location where they are so they can go and pick them up, returning them safely home.

Young Person Tracking

Teen and child safety is one of the major applications of this technology. There are so many different stories about a child being abducted or a teen getting into a fatal car accident that it is not shocking anymore to hear about these tragedies. But there is a technological solution to these problems that can help parent ensure the safety of both our children and our teens.

By placing some GPS tracking units on our children we can help determine when they have been kidnapped quickly and notify the police with their exact position. This will get them home safely and the criminal caught.

For our teens we can install driving nannies that help them understand that their driving habit matter. If they break the driving rules they will be punished.

We should not fear GPS tracking. We should use it for the good that it can do. Average citizens can use this technology to make the world better, so let us do it.


Source by Steward Lucree